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Digital Republic are looking for a Google Cloud Engineer to join our clients’ team and help build their training portfolio within Google Cloud Platform as well as Amazon Web Services. Digital Republic requires an experienced Cloud Engineer professional who has a proven track-record for delivering high-quality products using GCP / AWS technologies. 

The Role

The Google Cloud Engineer will be instrumental in helping the team identify opportunities for new Cloud Engineer and Data Engineer courses to add to the portfolio and take the lead in delivering the current Google Cloud Certification courses offered by the agency in partnership with Google.  A key part of this role will involve leading the creation of the Google Cloud Engineer Platform training material being used for both classroom and online courses. You will be delivering face-to-face training to clients in Asia, and also expected to travel regularly to deliver courses overseas. The Google Cloud Engineer Trainer will be positioned and promoted as a thought leader and will be provided with time to create both written / video content for publication online, creating compelling case studies of work carried out by the agency, leading round-table events, public speaking engagements, hosting events at our training venue and being proactive in sourcing good opportunities for increasing the awareness of the training proposition.


  • Identifying opportunities for new courses to add to the portfolio and for obtaining the up-to-date knowledge and certifications required to deliver the existing Google Cloud courses.
  • Deliver Google Cloud Certification courses. 
  • Lead the creation of the Google Cloud Engineer Platform to be used online and in the classroom.
  • Help to aggressively grow the range of related courses.
  • Maintain and evolve existing classroom course content and respond to post-training questions.
  • Through the delivery of great training, encourages repeat bookings onto other courses.
  • Support new business opportunities.
  • Help create marketing materials, assets, and other promotional material

Essential Skills and Experience 

  • I need to have in-depth knowledge and strong practical working experience of the Google Cloud Platform, plus the ability to teach other cloud products.
  • Proven track record delivering Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services. 
  • Must hold cloud certifications (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Certification, Azure) 
  • Comfortable with presenting in front of large audiences. 
  • Comfortable and confident in at least one of the following languages and technologies: Python, SQL, C++, Java, PHP, Ruby, GO, Node.JS, .NET
  • Proficient in building data pipelines using programming models like Apache Beam
  • Experience working with HADOOP
  • Familiar with numerical libraries and popular machine learning frameworks such as sci-kit-learn or TensorFlow
  • Certified in one of the following: Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure

What you will get in return:

  • A chance to work with some of the industry’s biggest clients 
  • Great office culture and location
  • A chance to work in one of London’s most famous buildings
  • Fantastic starting salary
  • Great benefits. 
  • The company is currently going through rapid growth.

How do I Apply?

If you are interested in applying for the Google Cloud Engineer Trainer role register via the link on this page or contact Digital Republic on the phone or email 

Contact us to find out more!

Get in contact with Digital by sending an mail to or call the office on 0203 637 3331. Check out the website on You can also find out more on Linkedin, Instagram or Facebook

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