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My client are a small, highly experienced team providing digital experience enablement services to our clients. They punch well above our weight and boast an impressive client roster. They always strive to go beyond client expectations and are recognised as leaders in our industry. Now are looking for a Digital Analytics Analyst looking to add immediate value to the consulting delivery teams.

Digital Analyst role

As the Digital Analyst, you will be working closely with the client account managers to achieve the client’s specific reporting and insights goals.  These will often be in relation to an implementation project we have completed or in regard to conversion rate optimization activities that have been set up.  You will be working primarily within the Adobe Analytics Workspace interface but the need to switch over to other insights tools such as Google Analytics Analysis, Power BI and Tableau are highly likely.

The main responsibilities will be:

  • Building reports and dashboards that help clients achieve a better understanding of the customer experience/behaviours.
  • Ad hoc insights projects to explain specific behavioural patterns that might illustrate an issue with the digital experience or open up an opportunity to optimise flow.
  • Complex segment creation using a combination of OR/AND/THEN rules on top of nested context containers (Visitor/Visit/Hit/Logic Group).
  • Deep-dive analysis projects that utilise digital analytics data as well as data from other sources such as CRM systems, POS, catalogues etc – this will likely be done within tools such as Power BI or Tableau.
  • Proactively recommending changes to client setups that add value.  We have access to billions of hits of behavioural data across our clients and as such, there is a huge opportunity to add value in many areas.
  • Exploring ways to bring more value through advanced data modelling capabilities.  Think ‘data value’ more than ‘data science’ here. All opportunities to start using machine learning and AI need to be practically applicable vs just sounding cool.


  • 3+ years working with Adobe Analytics (Ad Hoc Analysis / Workspace / Segmentation)
  • Ability to think around the problem rather than just diagnosing
  • A proactive approach to data exploration and insights generation
  • Experience managing multiple projects, across multiple clients within the digital customer experience management space
  • Enjoys working in a team
  • Sense of humour, calm manner & a ‘can-do’ mentality
  • 2+ years working with business intelligence tools such as Power BI and/or Tableau

Location: London, United Kingdom

Salary: up to £50,000 plus 25% bonus and benefits

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