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Manni Chana



Digital Republic is looking for an experienced Data Scientist to lead the data science thinking and practice. The Data Scientist must have experience in Python, GCP / Azure AWS and a marketing or digital background. 

The Role

This role requires a creative mindset to become a catalyst of change, while also a structured approach to support effective global and market needs and spread state-of-the-art data science practices. The internal stakeholders are clients, account teams, digital execution teams, analytics practitioners and media analysts. It is also expected that the Data Scientist can support and contribute to the overall data strategy for our client in collaboration with other stakeholders, which entitles foster partnerships/initiatives with start-ups, universities and open-source groups.


  • Ensure on-schedule development of a pre-agreed list of analytics solutions, and provide inputs for the development of new solutions based on client and internal teams requirements.
  • Coordinate the cloud-tech offering for data practitioners in collaboration with our data engineer, including driving best practices, standardisation and collaboration across the data scientists in the network
  • Scout for state-of-the-art technology/data-science practices/models or algorithms, and assess how can they impact the business
  • Work with internal and external stakeholders to address their challenges
  • Develop analytics tools and solutions and coordinate their maintenance with Tech team
  • Work with the wider business to foster the value of the data science practice. This includes the impact of branding and performance in the digital and offline world
  • Assist markets with their data analysis initiatives, either to get control of their data or apply new techniques
  • Drive thought leadership for our clients’ application of data science for the media industry, including digital analytics, addressable media, consumer behaviour, automation, etc.
  • Support on scouting opportunities for new-business pitches and proposals
  • Support senior leaders to maintain and implement an overall data strategy

Essential Skills and Experience

  • Must have extensive expertise in Coding in Python and R. Other languages are desired as well such as Scala and Java Script
  • Must have experience in marketing or digital.
  • Must have experience in fast prototyping of products solutions using open source technology for scalable pipelines (Spark, R-shiny, Dash/Flask, Play environment, etc.)
  • Must have previously managed, accessing, querying structured/unstructured databases (SQL, Hive, Mongo, etc.)
  • Knowledge of modelling solutions (e.g. attribution) and Experimental designs (e.g. A/B and Multi-Variate testing) to support business decisions
  • A good understanding of Big Data Analytics
  • Knowledge of Digital media datasets (Ad Servers, DSP, DMP, AdWords, Viewability, Cross Device 
  • Must have Commercial awareness, client/stakeholder handling and strong written and oral communication skills

What you will get in return:

  • A chance to work for a global agency. 
  • A chance to work with global clients.
  • Data Science training with Google.
  • Fantastic London offices. 
  • Career Progression.
  • A chance to work with a Chief Analytics Officer. 

How do I Apply?

If you are interested in applying for the Data Scientist role register via the link on this page or contact Digital Republic on the phone or email. 

Contact us to find out more:

Get in contact with Digital Republic by sending a mail to or call the office on 0203 637 3331. You can also find out more on Linkedin, Instagram or Facebook. 

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