Author: Jacqueline Darkwa

The New York Times Digitizes Millions of Historical Photos Using Google Cloud Technology

The New York Times today announced that it is leveraging the power of Google Cloud technology to digitize an extensive collection of photographs dating back to as early as the late 19th century. The process will uncover some never-before-seen-documents, equip Times journalists with an easily accessible historical reference source, and preserve The Times’s history, one

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Does Synthetic Data Hold The Secret To Artificial Intelligence?

Could synthetic data be the solution to rapidly train artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms? There are advantages and disadvantages to synthetic data; however, many technology experts believe that synthetic data is the key to democratizing machine learning and to accelerate testing and adoption of artificial intelligence algorithms into our daily lives.   What is synthetic data? When a

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Why Luxury Brands Need Digital Transformation

“It is now time for luxury brands to fully embrace digital transformation. But in order to do so, technology needs to be a central part of a brand’s business, not just an afterthought” Earlier this year, McKinsey reported that 80% of luxury sales are now influenced by online. This is a staggering figure, and clearly highlights the important role

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